Saturday, January 17, 2015

Avoid Conviction - Hire A Theft Attorney

Any hesitation on your part to acquire the services of your attorney could very well be taking your further away from having your case dismissed and your problem resolved. You should also make sure that the attorney you hire is one who is skilled at the type of case that you are facing. If you are faced with theft charges and you want to be acquitted and cleared of all charges, you should get a hold of a theft attorney to handle your case.

Theft charges are a serious issue. If you are innocent of any wrongdoing, you may still be made to answer for this crime. You can insist and argue and rant and rave that you are innocent of any wrongdoing. However , it's not going to do much for you if it has no legal weight, which will be provided by a lawyer. Similarly, even if you have evidence of your innocence, if the opposing side has better legal arguments, you could still lose the case and lose the freedom. There are also instances where, although you are not sentenced to jail time, you will be ordered by the courts to pay a huge fine. Therefore , make sure that your legal representation is going to be entrusted to an attorney who is both highly skilled and competent.

Upon being arrested, you will have the right to keep your silence, speaking only when in the presence of your attorney. The state will assign an attorney for you if you do not have one. Everything you say can and will be held and used against you in court so you have to be careful with your words, hence, the reminder of your right to remain silent. It is highly imperative that you have a full understanding of this right. If you want things to work in your favor when accused of theft, keep all facts about the incident to yourself until you talk to your attorney. The lawyer will know what to do and guide you when you have to make a statement about what truly happened.
The police are bound by law to respect your right to silence and your right to an attorney. However , they will still most likely try to wrangle a statement from you. Just make sure you remind them of your rights. You will then be able to speak with your attorney privately when he arrives. You will have to give an account of what happened to your attorney, and then he or she goes over it and comes up with a strategy of defense. A very good attorney, coupled with highly reliable evidence that proves your innocence will go a long way in proving you are not guilty of any wrongdoing, especially if you have been falsely charged. If, however , you did commit the crime due to certain circumstances, you have to be prepared for a tough road ahead.

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