Saturday, May 4, 2013

Steps to Develop Personal Integrity

Everyone needs to establish his integrity, in order to establish the integrity of the group and the organization in which it resides. If this is done, in turn, may also contribute to the formation of the integrity of the community at large.

Steps to Develop Personal Integrity
How to develop personal integrity? Some simple steps below can be a consideration for you in developing personal integrity:

1. Speaking accordance Reality
From a variety of experiences to meet and interact with different people, I learned that the real practice of a person who never lies, broken promises, or had betrayed the trust of another person, it is called a dishonest person and do not have integrity. This is in line with the religious view which states that the hypocrites have three main characteristics, namely:
• When talking, he is lying.
• If the promise, he denied.
• When given the confidence or trust, he betrayed.

Therefore, to build personal integrity in work, avoid these three things, such as lying, breaking promises, and betrayed the trust. Speak only in accordance with the reality. Indeed, it takes courage to reveal everything in accordance with the facts, especially on things that could have been awkward.

2. As Promised fulfill what
People who have integrity always perform in accordance with what is promised. Thus, to avoid promising what you cannot do, in order to avoid actions not keep their promises. Promising better with what you can do, so it can be personally always keep their promises.

Person of integrity is a person who always keeps their promises they have made. As he had promised, he had calculated that in accordance with its capabilities. He will earnestly fulfill what has been promised to someone else.

In a real application in the work, means are required to always perform in accordance with what has been promised, both in relationships with co-workers, superiors, subordinates, or to suppliers and consumers.

3. Consistent in word and deed
They were able to maintain consistency between words and deeds have commendable character. This fact shows that integrity is one commendable character. Trying to maintain consistency between thought, word, and deed is one way to build personal integrity. Finally you will have the ultimate consistently commendable character in all aspects of life.

Being someone who has high integrity requires commitment to maintain consistency between thoughts, words, and deeds. Can always keep their promises in accordance with what is conveyed in word and action. No less important is to uphold the trust of others.



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