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6 Powerful Tips to Conserve Battery Android

6 Powerful Tips to Conserve Battery Android
Android is a mobile operating system that has many features and many advantages. The excess can be very helpful and entertaining users, but on the other hand it could also create problems and fast android battery runs out.
Some causes rapid battery depletion for example android smartphone usage while still in a position to charge. You should give the time until the battery is fully charged, but sometimes because of a need to make Android users still operate in spite of the batteries are charging.
Other causes are excessive use, such as poor management screen and excessive use of applications (hard gaming, multitasking excess).

Here the latest technology will give 7 tips to save battery android. These seven tips are written by admin experience for yourself which you can read below:
1. Android Turn off Battery Charging Current Process
Android smartphone deadly when charging is widely recommended tips to save battery android. When the charging process, it is recommended to rest the android in total.
Do not worry because although the state can still see you off charging indicator. After reaching 100%, you just turn on and let it sit for a few minutes so that all the necessary applications running system. After that, you can use your Android as usual.
2. Do not Use Your Android While Charging
These tips are the first alternative of tips. In short, do not use your android to move when the charging process takes place.
If you melakukkan use for charging excessive, it will affect the durability and lifetime of the battery. At worst, you android battery called a battery will experience bloating.
3. Multitasking shut Unnecessary
Multitasking means opening multiple applications / activities at the same time. Benefits, the user can move the application as you wish without having to open the application again. However, excessive multitasking also can improve android battery consumption.
Brief tips, when you are multitasking melakukkan pretty close tab applications were deemed unnecessary. This second function in addition to tips to save battery android is also able to reduce the burden of RAM.
4. Good Display Management
Android display always takes the biggest battery, the standby though. For that, you need a good management in order to display your battery last longer.
The first way, reduce the brightness or the brightness of your smartphone screen. Use as low as you can, zero will be better again. Maximum brightness when necessary, such as under direct sunlight. You can maximize brigtness, but do not forget to lower levels again.
Another way is to reduce the time influential screentimeout android screen. Screentimeout android is the time it takes from the time the screen is not used to move the screen off.
In this case admin screentimeout recommend to set to the lowest level, could be 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Of course you can change it to a longer period of time when necessary, use it wisely.
5. Using Juice Defender Application
Of various battery saver app android, app Juice Defender is most admins would suggest. This app can help you manage the use of all Internet-connected applications, a time to die and her life internet, etc..
Juice Defender has several modes of use, such as: balanced, aggresive, extreme, customize, and advanced. These modes will greatly assist you in the management of batteries, but some modes are only available in the pro version only.
To download Juice Defender, you can lanngsung towards this link: google juice defender play
6. Use Kernel That Save Battery Has Advantages
Tips latter is only applicable to users who already frequent and familiar melakukkan oprek against Android. For example, rooting, unlock bootloader, changed ROM, etc.. If you are not familiar with these terms, please googling and study them. But admins are not responsible if something happens later on your smartphone.
Most of the android smartphone that has been developed in forums like xda-developers certainly have a lot of supporters custom kernel. Custom kernels also varies excess, could have advantages in performance or battery.
Because in this case we are discussing about android battery save, you can use a custom kernel that has these advantages.


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